About Me

I’m Michael. I am an aspiring journalist studying linguistics at Lancaster University.

I am interested in news, local news and feature writing – but also frequently write on topics where I have specialist knowledge – such as tourism, education and literature among others.

I am currently the Associate Editor for SCAN, Lancaster’s student newspaper. I am also a regularly featured freelance writer for Blooloop, one of the largest industry news sites for the tourism industry.

I was selected by the British Council to attend an all-expenses paid conference for Young Journalists in Glasgow.

I was selected by Lancaster University to travel to Chennai, India (expenses-paid) to work with the media team of the WBCSD. More here.

I have been interviewed on national and regional BBC Radio Stations on various topics after writing freelance articles.

“I’m very impressed with your story: lots of sources, balanced reporting, no needless sensationalising, no stigmatising language. Clearly you were being modest when you said you didn’t know much about mental health reporting.”

@Sectioned_, mental health blogger

  “I think Michael could have a promising career in journalism.”

Nev Wilson, former Senior Editor at Essex Chronicle Media Group

“Michael is a really engaging, very smart writer and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again. In working with us he has been diligent, dedicated and efficient and has been a total pleasure to work with. He has also shown great initiative and drive.”

Charles Read, Director at Blooloop.com

About this site

This site will showcase my portfolio and experiences I have gained in journalism. For each item, I have briefly noted the challenges I faced and what I learnt.

Interesting things about me 

I did a bungee jump in London, outside the O2 Arena – and a parachute jump in Berlin, Germany.

I was an extra in a zombie film.

I have been on the tallest swing in Europe – 328 feet above the ground.

I rode a bike across a tightrope in Portugal.

I have shook hands with Jeremy Corbyn, Neil Kinnock and Natalie Bennett. There is a serious lack of right-wingers on that list.

I learnt to scuba-dive in Lancashire.

I drove an auto-rickshaw in India.

I have climbed the O2 and The Orbit in Stratford.

I went to a Silent Disco in the Natural History Museum, London.

I fed alligators in Florida.